Thursday, February 17, 2011

I composed a really good entry for the blog and then I fell asleep.

So instead you get a Rant of Extended Emo Bitchery:

Oh dear.

I knew this would happen.

My last blog post was at the end of January and now it is mid-February and I... I have been a neglectful blogger. *shameface*

Don't even mention Weekend Confectioner. I am the most shameful updater that ever lived.

Here's the thing, you guys. I seem to be some kind of perpetual motion machine, if perpetual motion machines forever started projects and then wandered off after a while to chase butterflies and then came back and apologized and continued the project and then fell asleep in a pile of cookie dough. So not really a perpetual motion machine at all, really.

I've been trying to keep diaries since I was 6. Six, ya'll. And I always last between one day and three months and then I lose the diary/get a new diary/stop writing in it/read what I wrote and become deeply ashamed because OH THE ANGST (this one mainly applies to 14-year-old me). But then I get a *NEW* Diary and it's so SHINY and how FANTASTIC it will be to read it again in 10 years and I start writing and then oh no I fell asleep oh well HEY SOMETHING SHINY. You get the idea.

It's not just diaries, either. Twitter, Livejournal, Facebook, MySpace, various fanfic attempts (I can feel you judging me, STOP IT), drawings, paintings, room-cleaning efforts... Le sigh.

But I am perpetually naive optimistic about these projects. Hence, the blog of bloggingness. And hence, a month without updates.

In summary: I am sorry. I will update more.

Here's a kitty.

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